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Freeze Dried Organic Celery Powder

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  • Tested for authenticity- Every finished batch of our celery powder is lab tested for authenticity. Every seller says their product has no fillers or additives, but none of them lab test for fillers or additives. We do what’s called a microscopy test on every finished batch. This is a test where a botanical scientist looks at the finished product through a microscope to determine among other things, what is in it.  This is the only way to know for sure if a product actually has no fillers and additives. This is also the only way to know for sure if an ingredients list on a product is 100% accurate and truthful.
  • Rich in Antioxidants – Celery has some of the highest levels of antioxidants of any fruit or vegetable. 

For more info on the benefits of celery, healthline has some good info here

  • FREEZE DRIED –  Super green mixes, fruit and veggie capsules and other powders contain veggies that have been oven dried with extreme heat, destroying all the valuable nutrients. Our single ingredient greens are freeze dried, preserving the beneficial nutrients. It’s easy to spot the difference between oven dried and freeze dried. Freeze dried powders are vibrant in color, taste and smell while oven dried are.. well, the opposite

Customer Reviews

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Organic Powdered Green Vegetables

This is a great find for me. I don't have time to cook fresh veggies daily so I simple drink a cup of water with the greens dissolved in it. Also I mix it in fresh juices and also smoothies.
Best thing is I have more energy now. And my hair is growing thicker and my fingernails are no longer brittle, but strong. I am happy to pay the price listed $33.97..I hope to keep these products in my kitchen for the rest of my life. Highly recommended.

E. Sylvia Simpson
Mild Flavor and Color

This celery powder is a very pale greenish-white and has a delicate flavor. Good for adding some nutrition to smoothies of any color.

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Parker-Moore and Family
Light taste, blends well

I am not much for liking single ingredient supplements/powders. I’m just not that person. I need to mix it will either apple juice or in a green smoothie or in a broth. Just plain with water was just to hard to drink. They are great since it’s freezes dried and mixed well in a smoothie since it’s a light powder.

I tried both the celery and the collard greens. Great price on organic freezer dried powders.

The expiration date on the celery is 11/2023 and on the collard greens it’s 9/23, more than a year away which is plenty of time to use the container.

E. Talerico
Not much flavor.

This is okay as an additive to smoothies or other drinks, but I find that on its own it doesn't have enough flavor to make it worth drinking. Several teaspoons full in a glass of water provides almost no flavor at all!

tastes fresh

Good flavor. Most "celeries" are "celery salt" and usually a highly processed salty-salt at that. This is perfect. Get the celery flavor and add the salt on my own terms. Fresh and flavorful. No complaints or regrets.

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