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Freeze Dried Organic Kale Powder

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  • Vitamin A - Kale has a high amount of Vitamin A, an important vitamin for eye health. 
  • Vitamin C - Kale is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can help the bodies natural defenses and boost immunity.  In fact, Kale is one of the best sources of vitamin C, containing even more than an orange. 
  • High in antioxidants - Antioxidants have a myriad of health benefits. Please google "antioxidant benefits". 
  • One cup of Kale per serving  - One serving of our Freeze Dried Kale is equivalent to a whopping one cup of raw kale. 
  • SUPER FOOD – Kale is one of the healthiest vegetables you can eat. Unlock optimum potential and achieve the best version of yourself – but only with a lab verified kale powder
  • PROVEN 100% PURE –Cheap inferior ingredients are often substituted for the real thing. PUR360 proves the identity of their products. Only a lab test (called microscopy test) by a qualified 3rd party lab can prove an ingredient is actually what it says it is. We proudly display this test result in our images section for every batch. This kind of testing is far more powerful than any “certification”, as there is no certification that requires a microscopy test AND requires displaying the results.
  • NO ADDITIVES: No silicon dioxide, no maltodextrin, no artificial flavors, no added natural flavors. Just one single ingredient. Only a 3rd party lab test from a reputable lab that specializes in plants can PROVE a product has no additives or fillers. We perform this testing on every batch and display our tests in the images section.
  • INSTRUCTIONS – Add one or two tablespoons to a good bottled or filtered water. Use about 1/2 to 3/4 cup water per tablespoon, or more if you would like. Stir well or shake well if using a shaker bottle. Or add to your favorite smoothie and blend. To make exact measurements you will need a measuring spoon. Does not come with a scooper. One tablespoon of our Kale Powder is equivalent to approximately 1 cup of fresh kale.
  • FREEZE DRIED – Super green mixes and capsules contain veggies that have been oven dried with extreme heat, destroying all the valuable nutrients. Our single ingredient greens are freeze dried, preserving the beneficial nutrients. Of course no seller would ever admit their product was oven dried, but it’s easy to spot the difference in the color. Freeze dried powders are vibrant in color, taste and smell while oven dried are.. well, the opposite.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of Kale, Healthline has an extensive article on the subject. Click the following link to read it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Nenia Campbell
What a great way to green up just about anything you're cooking

A great way to add extra veggie goodness to just about anything. Works well in pasta, soup, baked goods, even BBQ. Love that they do testing to prove single origin and the fact that it is free from impurities. It's not very strong smelling but it does smell like kale and it smells very fresh. You can tell they are using quality ingredients.

Wylee's mom
Perfect in smoothies and/or soups.

We all know how extremely healthy kale is, it’s a superfood with super powers! I try and eat kale every chance I get. My husband is not a fan of the taste of kale and I have to twist his arm to get him to eat kale.
This PUR360 is perfect because I can add it to his daily smoothies or into soup or stews and he doesn’t even know it’s in there.
The flavor is not overwhelming in either the smoothies or the soups. One tablespoon of powder is equivalent to 1 cup of kale.

I love that this is from Poland and CHINA FREE, that’s big to me.

I’m very pleased with this Kale powder by PUR360, I feel it is worth the current price of $27.97 and I would buy it again.

Yummy and nutritious!

I'd never tried kale until my youngest son moved out and tried it. After he told me how much he loves it, I had to try it, and I have to admit, I really do like it. Alas, I can't get my husband to knowingly eat most greens. When I toss a bit of this powder into soups or stews, hubs never knows that he's eating healthier. I also add this to my green smoothies for more nutrition.

An Avid Book Lover
Good addition to smoothies

I usually use frozen kale to my protein smoothies. I find it an easy way to get my greens in. I tried this powder for a change and it works the same for me. It's probably more concentrated so I'm getting even more nutrients. I just use a tablespoon scoop in my smoothie along with frozen fruit, almond milk and protein powder.

It's convenient to have a dry powder form and I think it tastes the same in my shakes. I'll be curious to find other ways to use this powder.

Mrs C
Makes adding kale easy

I often add spinach or kale to things like spaghetti sauce. But it is a bit of a pain to defrost the veggies and grind them up so my kids dont notice their addition. This makes it super easy to add it to foods. It really did not alter the sauce's taste and it is ground so fine that my kids did not notice it at all.


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