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Freeze Dried Organic Spinach Powder

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  • SUPER FOOD – Spinach is one of the healthiest vegetables you can eat. Unlock optimum potential and achieve the best version of yourself – but only with a lab verified Spinach powder
  • PROVEN 100% PURE –Cheap inferior ingredients are often substituted for the real thing. PUR360 proves the identity of their products. Only a lab test (called microscopy test) by a qualified 3rd party lab can prove an ingredient is actually what it says it is. We proudly display this test result in our images section for every batch. This kind of testing is far more powerful than any “certification”, as there is no certification that requires a microscopy test AND requires displaying the results.
  • NO ADDITIVES: No silicon dioxide, no maltodextrin, no artificial flavors, no added natural flavors. Just one single ingredient. Only a 3rd party lab test from a reputable lab that specializes in plants can PROVE a product has no additives or fillers. We perform this testing on every batch and display our tests in the images section.
  • INSTRUCTIONS – Add one or two tablespoons to a good bottled or filtered water. Use about 1/2 to 3/4 cup water per tablespoon, or more if you would like. Stir well or shake well if using a shaker bottle. Or add to your favorite smoothie and blend. To make exact measurements you will need a measuring spoon. Does not come with a scooper. One tablespoon of our Spinach Powder is equivalent to approximately 1 cup of fresh spinach.
  • FREEZE DRIED – Super green mixes and capsules contain veggies that have been oven dried with extreme heat, destroying all the valuable nutrients. Our single ingredient greens are freeze dried, preserving the beneficial nutrients. Of course no seller would ever admit their product was oven dried, but it’s easy to spot the difference in the color. Freeze dried powders are vibrant in color, taste and smell while oven dried are.. well, the opposite.
  • Packed With Valuable Nutrients - Vitamin C for skin and immune function; Calcium for bones; Iron for energy, focus, digestion and immunity; Vitamin K1 for bone health.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Tastes like powdered spinach

    This jar has 3 oz of freeze-dried and powdered spinach. It's USDA certified Organic. It tastes like spinach. It's a very fine powder. I added it into a cracker dough, and that worked well.

    Great Way to Get my Green Leafies in!

    I have been using this in my morning smoothies when I don’t have fresh spinach. I use fresh berries, kefir, 1/2 banana, fresh ginger, and spinach. If I don’t have spinach- this is a great back up- as the flavor and nutrients are similar. It mixes well in my smoothie, and I can taste the earthy spinach taste that I love!

    Tastes great

    This tastes like spinach, and I love that it adds so much nutrition to my preps, whether it's a green smoothie, soup or stew. I've been trying to get my husband to eat healthier, and by adding this powder to stew, I'm able to get more nutrients into him.

    The Next Best Thing To Fresh Spinach—Freeze Dried & Certified Organic

    I really like this versatile, single-ingredient freeze dried powder. It’s a great source of vitamins and other essential nutrients, and can be used in many ways, but I typically drink it simply added to water (it mixes well). The powder is a vibrant green, smells fresh and the spinach flavor is excellent. I eat spinach daily—fresh is always my first choice, but this fills in nicely when life gets busy. It has a long shelf-life too—mine is about two years out.

    Roger & Francine
    Pur360 is the best

    I've used half a dozen other Pur360 freeze dried powders.
    They are always excellent in my shakes.
    The spinach is excellent!
    Dissolves easy, doesn't mess with the flavor of the shake.
    5 stars.
    One ingredient, spinach... Amazing.

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