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PUR360 Organic Tea Tree Oil for Skin and Hair – No Artificial Ingredients Added

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  • MOST TEA TREE OILS ARE FAKE: How do we know this? For one, price. True tea tree oil could never be sold at some of these prices. It's not economically viable. And yet most of them are. READ THE DESCRIPTION BELOW to know how to spot fake tea tree oil!
  • How are they sold at such a price? Simple: They are not tea tree oil at all - they are synthetics. A synthetic is not grown on a farm. Rather it is made in a laboratory. Knock off synthetics can be made at a fraction of the cost compared to real oil on a farm. The labor and resources needed for a synthetic are a fraction of that needed for a real farm grown oil. There is no law that says a seller has to tell the truth on their product page.
  • TEA TREE OIL FOR SKIN: Use it to treat acne, dark spots, irritated skin, redness and overly dry skin. Add to shampoo for shiny, healthy hair.
  • INSTRUCTIONS: For skin, dilute 5% - 10% in a carrier oil and apply with cotton swab, q-tip or clean finger. For diffuser, dilute 4 drops per 100ml of water. For hair, dilute 5% - 10% in your favorite shampoo or conditioner.

Tea tree oil oil is one of the most versatile essential oils, with an extensive list of benefits. These include:

Alleviating many skin issues such as irritation, dermatitis and freshening the air with a pleasant aroma.

However these benefits are not obtained from a synthetic. To get the most benefit, you'll want to ensure you are getting an all natural, non synthetic tea tree oil.

But how do you know if its a real tea tree oil, especially when they all claim to be pure, unadulterated and 3rd party tested? To make sure you are getting a true, natural tea tree oil, just follow these steps:

1) Make sure they have posted an image of an authentic GC-FID analysis report. This is a report that proves the oil has been analyzed for purity in a lab.

2) Verify the lab that issued the report is an actual, real lab. If you cannot find it then there is a good chance the report is not a real one.

3) Ensure the analyst has summarized their findings somewhere in the report.

4) Ensure the batch number of the oil tested is somewhere on the report.

If any of these 4 things are missing the oil is suspect and probably inauthentic.

To experience the benefits of a truly authentic tea tree oil, click the add to cart button now.

Customer Reviews

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Miss Nomer
Excellent quality tea tree oil

This is an excellent quality tea tree oil. Very happy with my order. Recommend!

newfilter VINE VOICE
Pure oil from Australia

This oil is a household must have. I ordered this because it said it was pure oil. By all accounts this is true, it looks to be excellent quality. This bottle should last a good long time as you use it sparingly or mix it yourself in a carrier oil. The amber colored bottle should keep it fresh, stored in a cool place, for a long time. The bottle comes with a dropper top. Great value.

Organic Tea Tree Oil for Skin and Hair – No Artificial Ingredients Added.

My review of the PUR360 Organic Tea Tree Oil:

I have been using the PUR360 Organic Tea Tree Oil for a few weeks now and I am impressed with it.

The oil is very potent and has a strong scent, but that is to be expected. It is important to dilute the oil with a carrier oil before applying it to the skin, as it can be irritating to some people.

The brown recyclable glass container helps keep light away from the oil.

There are two caps; one includes an integrated squeeze dripper. The other is sealed for freshness and safety.


Potent herbal tea tree scent
Organic and free of harsh chemicals


Can be irritating to skin if applied directly -- always dilute in a carrier oil or lotion before applying to skin
Not suitable for use on broken skin.

A reasonable value when offered at about $16 at the time of our review.

Smells like Tea Tree Oil

I’ve ordered tea tree oil before and received something that wasn’t tea tree. This is the real deal. I love that it comes with a dropper.

Seems legit

This tea tree oil is just like other tea tree oils I’ve purchased before. There are so many uses for tea tree oil (google them). It’s a must to have it in my home. Will repurchase.

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